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Itamar Klasmer is a London based Producer / Director with over 15 years of experience in documentaries, current affairs and factual television production. 

Clients include: Netflix, Amazon, BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic Channel , Sky. 

RTS and Grierson nominated Series Director for 'Idris Elba's Fight School. Winner of the 'Gold Award' at the World Media Festival 2015 for 'The Beach: A Photographer's Journey'.

INK Pictures Ltd. was set up by Itamar Klasmer in 2010 to make innovative, insightful and visually compelling documentary films.


2023: Series Editor, Break Point, Netflix, Box to Box Films

2022: Edit Producer, Last Seen Alive (working title), Netflix, Blast Films

2021: Series Director, Idris Elba's Fight School, BBC Two, Workerbee & Green Door Pictures

2021: Edit Producer, All or Nothing: Juventus, Amazon Prime, Fulwell 73

2020: Series Producer / Director, I Am A Killer: Released, Netflix, Znak & Co

2019: Producer / Director, Dispatches: Brexit- The Truth about Chlorinated Chicken, Channel 4, Firecrest Films

2019: Senior Producer / Director, Ambulance, BBC One, Dragonfly Film & Television

2018: Producer / Director, Sunderland Til I Die, Netflix, Fulwell73

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